About us...

Slane Bake, as the name implies, is here to bring the warmth and delectable presence of fresh bread, pastries and cakes to the charming village of Slane. Slane Bake was found back in the autumn of 2012 and since then has been providing  the best in traditionally made, and quickly devoured, breads and pastries, in a beautiful country setting.


Slane Bake brings you the best of the many talented producers from Co. Meath we stock locally produced Ariosa Coffee beans. Although sourced worldwide, the coffee is hand roasted and prepared just down the road in Ashbourne to ensure  that is bursting with rich and velvety flavours.  And if tea is more your style, we have bags of the stuff too (Teabags in fact)!


We feel that there is nothing quite like a hot drink to go with a hot pastry. Quintessentially a match made in bakery heaven. 

And for those looking to stock cupboards at home we are lucky enough to be able to offer not only the many delectable creations produced by our bakers, and pastry wizards but also a range of accompaniments that are housed in the Pantry. We have a range of products from local businesses that will compliment the treats on our shelves.

Our ethos is committed to keeping our recipes simple whilst using only the highest quality ingredients. With this approach we ensure that all our produce follows the same steps as it would when made at home. In fact we have already found a few favourites in the range we produce that are shaping our core list of products. Alongside these firm favourites are the seasonal specialities that we offer to include the freshest local produce in new recipes. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any gluten free options in the bakery?

We do stock gluten free products in the bakery. Please speak to one of our team to place your order.


Do you make cakes for special occasions?


We would be happy to create themed and edible treats for your special occasions! We can provide party favours such as personalised or themed cupcakes or party cakes for a special day. Come in and have a chat with us, or send us message via email so that we can help make your day even more delicious. Please be advised that providing us with as much notice as possible allows us to have your order ready for collection in time for your events.

I came in looking for one of my favourites and it isn't there?

Our menu is built around a core selection of products, and in additon to these, we enjoy bringing you seasonal specialities and themed treats linking to certain times of the year. We love hearing from you, so if you find there is something you really loved and would like to see in the bakery on a regular basis, mention it to our team.


Additionally due to the popularity of some of our range, certain products will sell out very quickly. If there is an item that you particularly require pre-ordering or phoning ahead to enquire about availability is advised.


Slane Bake is committed to producing the freshest baked delicacies using recipes that avoid additives and preservatives. All of our products are made freshly on the day or the evening before they are stocked on our shelves, and as such the final product may have very slight variations. Please remember that the images listed on the site are indicative of each unique item and cannot represent every end product. 


Dietary Information
  • Any product from our range created using nuts will have this explicitly listed in the description, all of our range is produced in a bakery that does handle Nuts and so may contain traces.

  • All of our products are suitable for Vegetarians unless explicitly stated, or containing marshmallows, which contain gelatin.

  • Similarly we do not use alcohol in our recipes unless explicitly stated.

  • All of our products contain Gluten except for our Gluten-Free range. 


Should you have any further questions in regards the ingredients of our pastries and breads, please ask one of our staff who would be happy to assist you. 


Have a garden or want fertiliser for your garden?

Then ask us about our used coffee grinds.


Some benefits include:

  • It's a high nitrogen fertiliser

  • It's a pest repellent so say goodbye to snails & slugs

  • And It's completely FREE!


Address: Main Street, Slane, Co. Meath

Email: Slanebake@gmail.com

Phone: 041 9884716

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